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What is a Blank Timeline Template?

A Blank Timeline Template is basically a generic timeline that can be manipulated easily. If you need to prevent a summary of project events to high-level individuals in your organization you might want to use a blank timeline template, as it is an easy way to communicate dates and milestones for your project. 

With the Blank Timeline Template, you’ll end up starting with a blank slate and filling it in with all the pertinent information required for your specific project and your specific organization.

In choosing to complete a Blank Timeline Template, you are going to be able to lay out a roadmap that shows everything you need to do to complete a project.

When do you need a Blank Timeline Template?

If you are taking on a new project, or maybe you are taking over halfway through a project that needs some help getting to the finish line, it is a good idea to work with a Blank timeline Template. 

Look at a Blank Timeline Template like a blank slate. You can start fresh. Maybe you have a complicated project that has had missed milestones. The stakeholders in your organization have lost faith in your team’s ability to get the project done. This Blank Timeline Template is a great resource to clean up your project. You can modify goals and dates, and show a clear path to success to members in your organization. 

A Blank Timeline Template is a chance to get your project right, either the first time from the beginning, or to modify an existing project timeline. Often times, you can edit the Blank Timeline Template right on your computer in a PDF, making it nice and clean and easy to distribute electronically or to print and circulate by hand.

What if you do not complete a Blank Timeline Template?

Most likely, if you do not complete a Blank Timeline Template you will remain unorganized in your attempt to complete your project and tasks. 

A Blank Timeline Template is a great way to track progress. You can lay out milestones and show that they have been accomplished on time. You can also make a Blank Timeline Template fairly quickly and easily and use it to shine and impress layers of management. 

Without a Blank Timeline Template you run the risk of missing milestones on your project and losing the faith of the stakeholders and your organization.

How do you fill out a Blank Timeline Template?

Filling out a Blank Timeline Template can be a pretty easy, but you still might want to review a sample Blank Timeline Template online before trying to complete it on your own. There are a wide variety of sample Blank Timeline Templates online. Just keep in mind that each organization is different, and you’ll want to make sure you fine tune your Blank Timeline Template for your specific organization’s tasks and needs. 

After your review your sample timelines online, you should decide on exactly which Blank Timeline Template form and layout is best for your needs. If you need more help, you can find more examples of Blank Timeline Template layouts online.

Once you’ve gathered your paperwork, go ahead and start filling it out. Get started with some standard basic information about the organization you are working with. You’ll want to outline the problem at hand and decide what it is you need to put in the timeline. Include the goals the organization is trying to accomplish by filling out a Blank Timeline Template.

Additionally, you will want to include some other information in a Blank Timeline Template: explain the exact deadlines and milestones of the project, include a completion date for the project, and if the event is occurring at a specific day, time, and location, include that as well. 

Business identity. Blank stationery set on wood background
Filling out a Blank Timeline Template is a fairly easy process that you can accomplish by working together with various stakeholders. (Source)

What information do you need for a Blank Timeline Template?

The most important thing you’ll need is the structure of the goals and timeline that you are trying to capture. To fill out the Blank Timeline Template, have your milestones and accomplishments in mind. Be as organized as you can in your mind before you get started, so you do not have to take a break halfway through filling out the paperwork to go get more information. You should also have the contact information for any stakeholders you might need to rely upon for information on your timeline.

Organizational Information and Goals

Some of what you should include should be pretty easy: the history of the organization and the specific project (i.e. are you fixing a project that has failed and gotten off track or are you starting fresh. 

Don’t lose track of the bigger picture goals of the organization. You want to have cognizance of how this specific project fits into the big picture, as it will help you set goals, milestones, and the timeline. 

In most cases you will be creating a Blank Timeline Template at the request of the organization and the stakeholders, so they should willingly give you information on the status of the project as it currently stands. 

Specific Project Goals

After you have a good idea of the big picture of the organization, drill down into the specific project at hand. You can utilize a tool like Smart Sheet to ascertain whether or not the project is currently on track to successful completion. 

Stakeholder Information 

Any time you are developing any type of project plan or using a Blank Timeline Template, you want to get the buy-in and approval from key stakeholders. You cannot identify acceptable milestones and dates without knowing when the organization needs the project completed by. 

White Blank Notebook
Executing the Blank Timeline Template should be seen as a positive move for the organization, as you are helping to improve the timeline and goals of a project. (Source)

How do I execute the Blank Timeline Template?

Keep it nice and simple when you are developing a Blank Timeline Template. There are tutorials available online that can help you create and execute your Blank Timeline Template. 

A Blank Timeline Template is important when there are many competing deadlines and milestones in a project. You might have stakeholders from different organizations giving you different deadlines. Furthermore, you can also use the timeline to capture start/end dates. You could use a Task List to capture different requirements for each task, and ensure all stakeholders are in agreement on your timeline. 

The Blank Timeline Template is best executed when everyone is on the same page. You might need to have a meeting with different people if there are conflicting needs and deadlines to accomplish. If you are taking over from a project that has milestones that are off schedule, do not be afraid to talk to the people that were responsible for falling behind schedule. While you should tread carefully as to not assign blame, they can still be a valuable resource for you.

The general rule

You want to have as much information gathered before you try to create a Blank Timeline Template as possible. This will help you as you move forward with completing your timeline. 

Other things to consider

Find out if anybody else in your organization has created a Blank Timeline Template. You might already have some of the legwork done for you, and you can just use what is already there and make some edits. 

After considering all of this information, you should now have a plan of how to create a Blank Timeline Template. If you need any more information on how to fill out a Blank Timeline Template, many different resources online that can assist. When in doubt, ask around to others in your organization to see if they can offer any assistance. 

Using Your Customized Version of the Konmari Checklist with a Blank Timeline Template

Utilizing a version of the Konmari Checklist can help declutter any space. Establishing a timeline for each step of this checklist is going to be imperative. In terms of business, an organized space without excess documents allows for efficient work to be performed. The checklist is comprised of a few simple steps:

  • Imagine your ideal space
  • Greet your space
  • Declutter by category (clothes, books, papers, komono, sentimental)
  • Reorganize
  • Enjoy!

A blank timeline template combined with the Konmari Checklist will be able to declutter any space whether it is personal or professional. The Konmari Checklist can allow parents to direct their children in an organized way to clean up their space. Setting deadlines is important as it communicates the urgency of completing any task whether it is cleaning a bedroom or office space. 

Progress Reports Keep Projects on Track 

Progress reports famously have been used by schools to notify parents of a student’s performance. In business, a progress report is another form of communication allowing a client to know the status of a project. A blank timeline template can easily incorporate milestones that are to be communicated with clients or shareholders.

 Progress reports can be used internally in order to report to management about production numbers of employees. The progress report should include any information relevant to the progress of a project. For design-related projects, different designs that have been created along the way being included shows direct progress. For all projects, there should be an indication of how much of the project is complete. 

A client or manager is going to find a percentage of the project complete far more useful than a report stating everything is “nearly done”. Progress should be noted in multiple areas for more complex projects. A content marketing project could have the content written yet very little content published. One facet of the project is complete while another is just starting. 

Creating an Event Planning Checklist and Timeline Can Keep Staff on Track 

Planning events can be extremely stressful as a plethora of factors determine whether the event is considered a success. Events, unlike projects, have hard deadlines due to venues being booked and tickets purchased ahead of time. Details like the number of attendees need to be estimated accurately in order to book the right venue. Catering is another huge part of event planning that can go wrong if the wrong company is hired for the event. 

The checklist should have a timeline with different deadlines for specific tasks. A blank timeline template filled out can provide clarity to which tasks should be the priority. Details like that of booking a block of rooms has to be done months in advance in order to guarantee accommodations for guests. 

An event planning checklist can help an organizer stay organized and on track by hitting deadlines for particular tasks. Backup plans should also be included in the checklist as caterers, venues, and entertainers fall through far more than many individuals realize.

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